We offer you a complex approach to solution of the issue of new products manufacturing including the following stages:


Product development

This stage implies creating a volume computer model of the product meeting all technological requirements. We accept orders in the form of drawings, computer models, drafts, prototypes, analogues. We carry out designing, engineering and technological working of products, along with analysis of their strength characteristics.

Developing complex items using plastic we offer the customer to carry out manufactureof the prototype and issue the first lot cast into silicon moulds. Before the beginning of molds designing obtained prototypes let us and the customer evaluate design solutions used in the new article, its mounting ability and workability.


Tooling designing

Method of computer volume modeling of tooling on the whole (including forming dies and fasteners), full association correspondence of drawings to mathematical models and applying bases of these elements let us avoid mistakes while maintaining engineering documentation when designing high complexity moulds and dies and considerably reduce period of designing. Applying this designing technology lets us spend minimum time on altering and changing the structure of the item on the stage of tooling designing. Engineering documentation can be maintained according to State Standard, EOC Normalien or DME. Computer analysis of filling of moulds for casting parts and modeling process of forming for dies reduce start-up period of tooling manufacture and let us avoid making follow-on work.


Manufacturing tooling

Using the latest equipment, technology and tools along with high professionalism and staff responsibility form a base of high production culture in our company. Manufacturing complex shape forming dies is a trend we pay much attention to acquiring and developing the latest technologies. We have an equipment complex letting us produce tooling of high complexity in reasonable terms weighing up to 5 tons. Employing modern metal-cutting tools produced by the leading world manufacturers lets us reach high accuracy, speed and quality of part working, including when file-hard.


Issue of industrial (pilot) production batch

Having partner relations with many industrial enterprises established long ago we fulfill orders to cast and form parts using tooling developed and manufactured by our company. Thus we can in due time service moulds and dies, reduce tooling downtime arising from repair and prolong its service life. The complex approach employed by us will let you minimize financial and time costs spent on making new products. At the same time we are ready to consider any variants of our cooperation arrangement and bring only separate stages into being. We are prepared to help you in solution of any issues regarding tool attachments.


Firm "PoliMold" is a modern dynamically developing enterprise harboring a team of top professionals able to meet the customer needs to the untmost. We hope that you will choose our experience and expertise in the same way as it has been done by such companies as Open JSC "STIPOL"(Merloni Elettrodomestici group), Open JSC "Gorkovsky Car Plant" (GAZ), GILETTE Russia, Open JSC "LEMZ", Open JSC "Russian Gems", Open JSC "LOMO", Closed JSC "Vitafon", Closed JSC "Metalloproduktiya", Closed JSC "Magic Systems" etc.

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