Company PoliMold established in 1998 carries out designing and manufacturingof tooling using the latest program products and modern metal-working machines with computer numerical control. Our firm has experience in designing and manufacturing of the following type of equipment

  • moulds for plastic casting (including with hot runner systems);
  • moulds for casting of metals under pressure;
  • moulds for blow moulding
  • sheet-bending, drawing and heading dies;
  • dies for hot die forging;
  • extrusion dies;
  • moulds for direct volume extrusion of various materials;
  • moulds for vacuum extrusion.

Pace and quality of designing is guaranteed by the latest computer technology of parametric designing and the high quality of manufacture is reached due to using latest high-performance and first-order machines of Swiss, German and Japanese manufacture equipped with numerical program control. All this lets us guarantee high accuracy of forming die treatment and their full correspondence to original models.


At present we have the following equipment:

Three CNC milling machines of Swiss and German manufacture. Working area comes at up to 1200x800x800. Part weight - up to 1000 kg.

Two die-sinking CNC EDM: AGIE and Charmilles with C axis.

Wire-cutting 4-axis EDM Sodick. Working area - 500x350x260

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